The future of product design

IDEOs David Kelley says that product design has become much less about the hardware and more about the user experience. He shows video of this new, broader approach, including footage from the Prada store in New York.

Resonance: Empathic Conversations

Human-Centered Design is good, but it can be better. Design isn’t just about fulfilling people’s needs, it’s also about helping each other get to the heart of who we are as human beings. To do that, design needs to strive for a clear and coherent expression of honesty, of integrity, of dignity in all dimensions.

It’s time we look at the entire design process as a multi-dimensional conversation. whose goal is to empathize with all the participants in the process, to achieve a sense of profound resonance.

Design Is Future Film

This film is the result of the last edition of ‘Design is Future congresstival’ held at Disseny Hub Barcelona from 6 to 8 June during the Barcelona Design Week.

It showcases the main highlights and strong ideas from the 15 speakers that took part in the Design is Future 2016, as well as from the presenter and curators of the event. They all share with the audience their main insights about the key role of design while explaining how it helps professionals, businesses and society to be more innovative and sustainable.

This film is an idea by Toormix​ and BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny​ for the Barcelona Design Week 2016. Directed by Laura Sans with the support of Fabrica.